Busy busy busy!

It’s been a very busy week for us with lots of orders and quotations, which we are working on. I have to say how nice all our customers are, very friendly and very supportive of complying with social distancing when we deliver and fit their buildings.

I also have exciting news – my twin granddaughters were born on Saturday night and are healthy and well. I am extremely lucky that they are living with me as i have the chance to feed, cuddle and do everything else for them. They are an absolute joy and shining light in these dark times. My heart does go out to my family who are desperate to hold them and are only viewing through the window, very sad for all families who have babies and grandchildren they cant cuddle. It’s especially hard for my sister (a baby lover) who is a Matron on a Covid-19 Ward so will not be able to hold them for a long time.

It has also been Adam’s daughter’s 8th birthday! He made her a fabulous Mud Kitchen for the garden…which you can see she loves!

We are currently working on some marketing for the company, with the help of a local PR company ‘Angel Media’ who i can thoroughly recommend! Watch this space and i will keep you fully informed on where and when you can read about us!