Countdown week!

Another strange week has passed, although things appear to have changed from the first week of the lockdown, there are more cars moving around and not as many people walking past my window, although the weather is not as good.

We are having a different sort of countdown in our house, with the planned arrival of my twin granddaughters due to arrive on Friday or Saturday, luckily both my son and his partner are living with me as their house move was delayed by the lockdown, which means I will be able to cuddle them.

We are also planning on a subdued VE Day party, after a planned street party in the village is obviously not now taking place, there are plans for front garden teas etc!

The business is going well, and we have just launched a Bike Store, we are open for suggestions on how it could possibly be improved, please let us know what you think.

I cannot go this week without thanking the various Mentors that I have had the utmost pleasure in meeting, virtually obviously, they give their expertise willingly and are making a positive difference to our business in many ways from Finance to PR to Planning, they are such a help so thank you, all help is much appreciated.