Everyday is a school day!

We are celebrating our first anniversary this week, what a year it’s been!

It has been testing at times but overall, we have really enjoyed it, we have learnt along the way and learnt to be positive and there is always another way if the way you choose first fails.

Our story about how we have adapted during the first year of business has been published by BPP Media and you can read more if you follow the link http://www.bbpmedia.co.uk/news/property-construction/surviving-covid-a-staffordshire-firm-s-first-year-success.html?ftUrlPreviewMode=true

We are excited to be looking at new materials this year for garden buildings and would love to hear from you if you have something special, and a bit different in mind!

We feel that people will again be busy in their gardens this year, with restrictions still likely to be in force for a few more months use your spare time now to plan what you would like to do this spring, did you get the grow your own bug last year? Did you want to try to grow more plants, food, flowers from seeds then maybe you need a potting shed?

Alternatively, if you have been told that you will continue to work from home then you may need an outdoor building for an office, you don’t have to have a huge building, a desk, chair and computer will easily fit into an 8’x6’.  I am myself working from home and would dearly love a garden studio in which to work in but feel I will be last in line for this, but as always, our customers come first.

The twins are growing, if you follow my blog you will know that my twin granddaughters were born in May 2020, they are learning new things everyday and it is a joy to see (WhatsApp Family Groups are the best), now they can sit up unaided they see more and are currently enjoying sensory play with part cooked spaghetti!

With that in mind, I have promised myself I must learn something new everyday, be it a word, a meaning or how to do something, today I am going to find out more about Instagram – I am not very good with it and need to find out how to use more of the functions it offers…wish me luck!