It’s been a while!

Its been a while since my last blog, seriously I do not know where the weeks go!

We have been working non-stop since we started in February, normally at this time of year thoughts turn to Christmas and gardens and outdoor projects are forgotten as we concentrate on the forthcoming season, however, this year is different (as we all know). 

We are only just receiving the timber that has been on order for months so we are working at full pace to deliver and fit outstanding orders that normally would have been completed by now in any ‘normal’ year.

I would like to thank all our customers for waiting patiently for their building, be it a shed, summerhouse, garden room or garden office, you have all been wonderful.  It is very difficult to be patient in todays “next day delivery” market, we have all become accustomed to not really having to wait for anything, so for customers to wait and not complain has been a really positive experience.

Looking forward, Christmas used to be a very busy time for children’s playhouses but times change and they want other things now, however, luckily we still get asked and even though our elves in the factory are really busy we can still find time to make you a playhouse for your little ones, either single or two storey let us know what you want, playtime in the garden will be so different if they have somewhere for their pretend play, to read or just be outside!