Keep going and remain positive – even in difficult times..

This week we have been receiving incredibly positive comments from our customers, at least those that we have been able to supply. The timber shortage is still an issue and is a national problem, especially the cladding for the buildings, if you are looking for fencing, sleepers and decking for your garden then you will still be having trouble sourcing them.

It has made us realise how much we rely on this natural product being readily available and how much we take it for granted, we are now trying to use every bit of the timber we have in, from making sure the maximum buildings are made from the lengths we have in to very small offcuts being used for sample boards etc, we are trying not to waste a single splinter!

We received a lovely letter from our local MP, Kate Griffiths, totally unexpected and congratulating us on our success in this very difficult time, it meant a lot to us that she has taken the time to write and wish us a successful future.

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