Socially savvy

As we are now advised not to socialise in the normal way I have decided to try my hand at Social Media – an absolute minefield for some (me included) a walk in the park for others!

I have just about got my head around Facebook – although I have questions in my mind all the time – do I or don’t I boost a post? Has my mum shared it? How far in media land has it gone? Is it clear for everyone to understand? How often should I post? I don’t want to become an annoying company that pops up all the time on news feeds!

I have also begun to post on Instagram – Ok this one is supposed to be easy and a brilliant platform to show my images of buildings off, but not sure my posts are as good as the ones I follow with millions of followers, not the stars or politicians but interior designers chiefly (my other love) who actually do their own video posts with no make-up on! Am plucking up the courage to do a video!

The other platforms I’m working on – LinkedIn is next – terrifying and challenging but I have to try it