The year 2020….

I have recently noticed that a lot of social media posts are wanting and wishing this year to be over with and forgotten, whilst I can understand why this is, especially for those who have lost loved ones I feel you should always try to be positive too. There are positives in this year, but honestly, you just need time to think about them.

For me the best thing is seeing my lockdown twin granddaughters growing and finding such joy in movement, life, colour and sounds and giving so much joy to others around them.I don’t want their lives wished away.

Another positive is our new business, Roundpeg. We have and are still having ups and downs associated with a new business and a pandemic. The new business issues we expect and can handle, the pandemic issues are not so easy to deal with as they are unexpected, but we are growing stronger with everything, learning from this year, as are many others.

Thankfully we are busy and are keeping our customers happy. It brings Adam and myself happiness when our customers write and phone to let us know that we exceeded their expectations and that they are thrilled with their new buildings.

Always look for the positives in life!