Ups & downs

It has been a strange week, on the positive side we have been featured in 2 different regional newspapers, with images of our buildings and of Adam and myself (I so wish that I had made more of an effort with my hair etc when the photos of me and Ad were taken! #lockdownlocks) which to be honest it absolutely amazing for us, our name is definitely being noticed and for all the right reasons, our ethos is to provide quality buildings at affordable prices but providing a customer focussed service from start to finish.

Both pieces are about working from home and how easy it is to do with the insulated, double glazed garden rooms, the design is really up to you too as we can do standard buildings but also bespoke so whatever fits your space and pocket. If you want to follow the links and read them they are:


These are the positives to our week along with providing more happy customers with their buildings.

The downs are that due to the global pandemic and the lockdown there are serious shortages within the industry, causing a lot of problems to smaller and particularly for us, new businesses, we are struggling every day to find the materials we need as we cannot let down our customers and after we have come so far this year, not let down ourselves!

I cannot go without mentioning my mentor for PR for all her hard work, Justine Halifax of Angel Media, without our Mentors we could not have got so far in such a short time, thank you Justine.